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Holly has a wide variety of loans she can offer you because her corporation is approved to do loans with hundreds of lenders in most states either directly or through mortgage banks and brokerages


I offer my clients all conventional residential programs, including:

  1. Conforming

  2. Jumbo

  3. FHA

  4. VA

  5. USDA

  6. First-time Homebuyer programs

  7. Construction loans

  8. Renovation loans

  9. HELOCs



Non-QM means “Non-Qualified Mortgage.” These are non-conventional loans, so banks don’t usually offer them. I get them on the Wholesale Loan Market. All Non-QM loans are available for my clients, including:


Alternative income documentation loans – we use these programs when we cannot use tax returns to verify income.

  • Business or personal bank statements

  • A CPA-prepared P&L

  • DSCR (debt-service-coverage-ratio) – this is exclusively for investment properties. The lender uses market rent defined by the appraiser or actual rent to verify your ability to repay. These are the fastest and easiest loans in the market today.

  • No Ratio means the lender bases the loan on factors other than your verifiable income.


  • ITIN – I can do loans for people who do not have legal status in the United States but pay their taxes and have a Tax ID number to file tax returns.


Foreign National programs are for people who do not reside in the United States and do not have a Visa or Green Card but want to buy property here. I help them buy property as a second home or investment property. Some use it to buy a home for their children who are in University or working in the United States but cannot qualify for a loan on their income alone.


Fix & Flip – I help professionals who buy, remodel, and sell houses and condos for a living.


Private Money – These are also called “Hard Money” loans. We use these when banks and wholesale lenders will not do the loan for various reasons.





Commercial loans 


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